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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tribune kills previous newscast revolution; KIAH 39's NewsFix still going strong

Now for the daily NewsFix related post about Tribune's KIAH 39. But first I want to thank everyone who has helped me figure out what to say in my cover letter to apply for the KIAH Imaginator job. Keep the comments coming!

Channel 39's NewsFix is not the first time Tribune has "revolutionized" the TV news industry. Now this is not to scare you about the upcoming Houston experiment, but the last Tribune implemented revolution is over. Bob Norman of The Daily Pulp fills us in on how the company just wrapped up its previous experiment by cancelling the game changing morning newscast of WSFL, the CW station in Miami:

When The Morning Show launched in April 2009, a top executive at the troubled Tribune Co. media empire thought it could "revolutionize TV" with its design and blow other "hilariously dated" newscasts off the air.

​Instead, the much-ballyhood show -- an experiment that combined the Tribune-owned Sun-Sentinel newsroom with its TV station, WSFL -- has been canceled after only 15 months on the air. READ THE REST

Norman goes on to say the show was just a traditional morning newscast with younger anchors and an emphasis on its website.

At least we can say what we've heard about the NewsFix pilot, it is far from normal. KIAH Insiders tell me they like what they saw. BTW, when I get enough comments, I will write my cover letter and post it here before actually applying for the Imaginator position.

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  1. NewsFix is being given 3 months to live. If it isn't wildly successful right away, they'll kill it. They're not interested in doing it right, they just want to something different. By that time we will have fired any and all reputable journalists, so there's no going back. Let's be clear, this is a last ditch effort. There is no Plan B.

  2. I thought Lee Abrams was in charge of NEWSFIX? He has resigned after sending out "slut" videos


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