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Friday, August 06, 2010

$4.99 a month alternative to cable/satellite, KXAS programming, Big Brother and more

Behind the programming department of KXAS 5
Television’s programming has become an intricate job.

Sezmi Offers Cable-Sat Alternative For $5
Sezmi, the personalized television service that combines live TV, on-demand movies, Internet video and DVR capabilities, today announced its Sezmi Select service package is immediately available in 36 markets across the United States for $4.99 per month (including Houston, Dallas and San Antonio).

Inside the Big Brother house
Watching the residents, who were unaware of our presence, felt a lot like staring at the animals at the San Antonio Zoo. (Only the animals are cuter!)

Waco market won't see 3-D TV anytime soon, say local broadcasters
This is probably a huge surprise for most.

London Broadcasting-Beaumont adds Azteca
London Broadcasting of Beaumont/Port Arthur is pleased to announce they are signing on a new Hispanic television station on August 3rd. This will be the only local Hispanic television station in Southeast Texas.

Crazy Like a Fox: When Diluting your TV Brand is the Best Strategy
For a generation the rules of TV branding have been clear and unequivocal–find a specific niche audience, then hyper-serve that niche with specialized programming. But lately, that rule has been turned on its head by some of the industries most powerful players.

Media giant Tribune scouts office space in Dallas area
Could KIAH 39's NewsFix be such a big idea that the corporate has to move to Texas?

News Corp. won't submit bid for Rangers
After reports surfaced last week that News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch may be interested in submitting a bid for ownership of the Texas Rangers, those rumblings were dispelled.

What Web Analytics Can - And Can't - Tell You about Your Site's Traffic and Audience
It's often said the Web is more measurable than any other medium. That's probably true. But trying to actually understand what's being measured and translate the different types of measurement into a coherent whole can make your head spin. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here