Wednesday, August 25, 2010

KRIV 26, KIAH 39 and KPRC 2 start sharing video

Fake TV photographerToday is day three of the new Houston TV station video sharing agreement according to sources. Three stations are involved - KPRC 2, KRIV 26 and KIAH 39.

This means that all the stations get together, figure out what needs to be covered that day and send one photographer to shoot video for all three stations. It is a way to cut down on costs. Instead of sending three staffers from each television station to shoot the same video, now you are sending one to shoot for all of them.

I've written about what's called a Local News Service or LNS before. There is an LNS agreement in the Dallas-Fort Worth market for example. When I worked at KTRK, there was a less formal sounding video sharing agreement between 13 and 39 a few years ago.

You might also remember that there is a sharing agreement between Houston stations when it comes to helicopters too. That led to this famous chopper promo from Fox 26.

No word on just what is going to be covered between the Houston stations. I would guess it would be the feature VOs/Sots and press conference stuff. Maybe car accident video too for all we know. The stations are probably still trying to work it out. All these folks are still competitors so don't expect them to get too friendly.

With all things there are two sides to this issue. From a station operations standpoint, it makes sense. It is cheaper and more efficient. From an employee standpoint it is probably scary. Does this mean stations need less employees? Time will only tell.

- Dallas-Fort Worth TV news stations now sharing video
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- KDFW and KXAS team up for Dallas/Fort Worth news coverage


  1. So I guess what ever was left of Metro and Metro Video News is gone now. that is who most of the stations would use for for the "common video" feeds either from the Metro Chopper or from the ground guys.

  2. Have you ever counted the number of times you write, "I told you..." "I've written...." " I first mentioned..."

    OK, Mike. We get it. You think you're important.

  3. Mike, Metro is still around. Anonymous, I'm just doing what the TV consultants drilled into me those years in the trenches.

  4. I wonder if they will require the photog to shoot seperate B-Roll so they will have different video. Or maybe they don't care?

  5. Hmmm.. Maybe they can share ad money as well. I guess channel 11 can't say "Only On 11"...which is fine, because whenever they say that, I've already seen the story on 13 or 2!

  6. Where are the deets on Sibila heading to KCBS???

  7. I saw something similarto this go down in upstate NY not to long ago. Maybe it Ch 2 and Ch39 will follow the same downfall and save us from horr5ible news?

  8. Full link:


  10. /the_staff_of_wtvh_laid.html

  11. I emailed Sibila the day the newsblues report came out. Have not heard back yet.


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