Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fox 26 KRIV's Sibila Vargas not talking about KCBS job rumor

Thanks for all the emails concerning the Sibila Vargas rumor featured on NewsBlues yesterday. In case you didn't see it, NewsBlues is reporting the current Fox 26 KRIV anchor is rumored to be heading to Los Angeles for a weekend anchoring gig at KCBS.

I reached out to Vargas about the KCBS LA rumor and she has no comment right now.

Out of all the rumors floating around the Houston media scene, I could buy into this one. After all, Vargas came to Houston TV from a high profile entertainment reporting job at CNN.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I'm not commenting about my rumored move to KCBS either.

  2. I thought the rumor was you were going to KABC?

  3. What are the other rumors you're hearing, Mike? Your fans wantto know!!!

  4. Any chance that dimwit Bomke is also leaving KRIV?

  5. We can't lose Sibila to LA!

  6. Sibilia makes my mornings. I missed her when they moved her to evenings and now you tell me she's moving to LaLa Land. Why is Sibila leaving?

  7. Sibilia is smart if she moves back to LA, she can she how bad KRIV is since they starting cutting all the jobs!

  8. Natalie Bomke IS a dimwit. Chris Stipes too. KRIV went from BET to Young White TV (with no talent) in the mornings in a flash. Who is in charge there?


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