Tuesday, May 04, 2010

How to get a job at KTRK abc13 in Houston

Want to be an employee in the news department at KTRK 13? The station's Vice President of News David Strickland lets us in on what he looks for in a new hire:

When he receives 400 applicants for one open reporting position, Strickland said he looks for qualities that will enable to the newcomer to adapt to their family atmosphere. He also values journalistic integrity even in high pressure circumstances.

"I haven't fired a lot of people in my life, but I have fired people because of their inability to tell the truth," Strickland said. "I just can't count on that person." READ MORE

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  1. hahahahahahaha5/04/2010 02:57:00 PM

    13 has a family atmosphere? Is it akin to Conan and NBC's former family atmosphere?

  2. This makes me feel warm and gooey

  3. No such thing as a "family" atmosphere in TV news. Just look at the recent layoffs at KRIV. One of those folks was fired after some 25 years of loyal service. Sam Kee was Fox 26, and they just threw him and three others to the curb without the thought of losing part of the "family." In fact,Fox has fired dozens of "family members" in the past few years. Money talks..."family" walks.

  4. Give me a break, KTRK doesn't give a rats a!@ about anyone who works there, they terminate good employees and promote boot licker's. Having worked there for 5 years I would know, my position was terminated because KTRK wasn't making enough profit. Typical screw the employee company.


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