Wednesday, April 21, 2010

KTRK 13 gets a new meteorologist?

Who is that figure sitting in the background of KTRK 13's weather shot? Is it a new meteorologist?

No. It's actually Action 13 Consumer Reporter Jeff Ehling. Maybe he is telling Tim Heller how to save money on something or fight his property taxes. Who knows?

I totally feel like I ripped this post off a segment on Access Hollywood. "Is this photograph showing a Jonas Brother buying a wedding ring for his girlfriend? No, it is him buying her a fake ring from a gum ball machine."

Make sure to read what Jeff was really talking to Tim Heller about in the comment below. If you like ABC's Lost, then you will really want to know!


  1. No news, just Lost spoilers!
    I was telling Tim about my recent trip to Hawaii.
    My wife and I went on a Lost TV tour where we saw all kinds of set locations.
    While on the tour our guide got a call from a friend who told him about a night time Lost shoot at the Bishop Museum.
    Our guide told us to go, so we did. It turns out we were able to get on set and watch as they shot a night time scene at the museum. We were able to see Kate, Claire, Charlie, Desmond, Eloise, Marvin Candle, Charlotte, Miles, all the members of Drive Shaft, Jack's son and countless extras.
    I could tell you how the entire show ends, but I don't want to ruin it for everyone.
    THAT'S what I was telling Heller. As you know, he's a big Lost fan too. Very jealous.
    Want to see our photos from the tour?
    We were 'attacked" by Smokey!

  2. This is an entire post in itself. Email me the photos!

  3. No wonder Disney wants to sale. I bet they have a big payroll at 13.

    Dave Ward 1.3 Million
    Mel Lawson 198,000
    Gina Gaston 175,000
    Arthur Rascon 122,000

    Amazing how they pay all these people. too many anchors and too many damn egos.

  4. Where'd those salary figures come from??? A guess? Or insider knowledge? Cuz they don't seem right.


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