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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Brennan’s of Houston is almost open

Breakfast At Brennan's And Dinner, Too: The original and most recent recipes from New Orleans' world-famous Brennan's Restaurant and a tribute to its founder, Owen Edward BrennanI passed by Brennan’s of Houston two times in the last few weeks and saw the parking lot full of work trucks. Seems like the building's final restoration work is almost complete.

You might remember that the iconic Houston restaurant caught fire and mostly burned down in the middle of Hurricane Ike. I actually live tweeted the event on @ktrkhouston.

Now the restaurant is placing ads on Craigslist for employees and has a note about reopening on its Web site. The official Web site says the place is reopening 'early 2010' but the Craigslist ad says February 2010.

Glad to see Ike could not deliver a final blow to this Houston dining institution. If nothing else... Terms of Endearment was shot there!

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(Thanks Christie)

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