Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can you hear me now?

Reader Art Smart facebooked me this note about some audio difficulties KTRK 13 had today:

"KTRK-DT channel 13.1 broadcast no audio from 11:25 until 11:57 AM today. I don't know about 13.2 or 13.3, or about the cable feed. A lower third graphic "Temporary Audio Difficulties" ran from 11:51 until 11:57 AM. I wonder if it took them upwards of 26 minutes to discover they had a problem. I also wonder if advertisers will get refunds."

After seeing how complicated TV station can be technologically, I am surprised we don't see this kind of thing more often. It does not happen in Houston, but go to a small TV market and you see all kinds of bizarre technical problems.


  1. I wondered what the crawl on the screen about "audio problems" was about. Didn't notice any audio issues, but sure noticed the notification!

  2. I guess it only affected one segment of the audience then.

  3. Based upon Paul's comment, the audio problem must only have affected the over-the-air signal, not cable or other feeds.

    When I worked at a college FM station, we had an alarm for dead air, and it even automatically triggered a tape to roll. That was 35 year ago. Surely all local stations have some way to automatically monitor their broadcast signal, without having to wait for viewers to call in.


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