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Thursday, May 04, 2006

VIDEO: Our doppler radar is bigger than yours

The attack ads are heating up in Terre Haute, IN. Not for the upcoming elections though. The McCain-Feingold law couldn't touch these ads because they're about doppler radars.

Seems like WTWO, the NBC affiliate thinks it has a better radar and weather team than rival WTHI. The staff is so confident they started a web site called explaining why the station's radar is better than the competition's.

Then there are the station's on air promos pounding the other guys and why you should think they suck.

Let the mud start slinging baby.

I'm sure some viewers might find this an effective promotion. It reminds me of Saturday Night Live making fun of TV weather. Remember Tim Meadows as the bad ass weatherman John-John Mackey of the Storm Tracker Accu-Cast:
Are you tired of little boys trying to talk like weatherman, telling you what the weather may or may not be? Then turn to News 4's John-John Mackey and his Storm Tracker Accu-Cast. John-John doesn't just tell you about the weather. He grabs that bastard weather and pounds it into little, pathetic shards. Then shoves those shards into your pink, puffy face.
Back to the doppler situation, no word if WTHI has hired any political operatives to get a picture of WTWO's doppler radar accepting bribes or hanging out with women other than its wife.

[Thanks to mikemcguff blog reader and friend Brian for emailing the video clip link]

This promo war was featured on The Daily Show. Video on Comedy Central web site. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here