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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Where is Chauncy Glover?

Chauncy Glover addressed his around month long absence from the airwaves and social media of abc13 KTRK Houston a few days after I posted about it with this statement on Facebook.

"Hi Friends—

I appreciate all the inquiries over the past few days. I want everyone to know that I’m taking some time away to deal with some medical and family issues. Thanks for the concern. Nobody is more anxious to get back to work at ABC13 and on your TV screen than me. I promise to come back better and stronger. See everyone soon. -CG"


I received a Houston TV viewer email asking me if I know where abc13 KTRK anchor Chauncy Glover has been lately?

From what I have been told, he has been off the air for three to four weeks.

His last social media posts are at the end of September or very early October 2022.

There has been a tweet asking Glover's co-anchor Mayra Moreno if he's okay.

So I am posting this to let other Houston TV viewers know, I am aware of the situation.

Stay tuned....

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