Sunday, August 29, 2021

Casey Curry appears on KPRC 2

Casey Curry is back on TV and online forecasting the weather for KPRC 2 during Hurricane Ida coverage.


Curry says on Instagram that she is "just filling in until their their staff filled out and up to speed."  The KPRC 2 weather department is down personnel thanks to the New York City departures of two meteorologists. This summer, Britta Merwin left for FOX Weather and Eric Braate took off for WNBC.  In the meantime, the station is getting relief in from Los Angeles in the form of returning met Anthony Yanez


I just noticed her while watching Hurricane Ida live feeds.

Curry, who left abc13 KTRK in September 2017, immediately appeared on KPRC's Houston Life as a guest host upon her channel 13 exit.  A few days after her Houston Life appearances, Curry did fill-in weather work at FOX 26 KRIV.

And as you can see from the embedded video above, Curry did another guest host stint on Houston Life which I totally missed in March of 2021.

Since leaving Houston television news, Curry joined the alliantgroup in 2018 as community relations director. 

Just this week, a commenter on my social media said the former popular TV meteorologist should be back on Houston TV.  I almost responded that Curry seems pretty content being off TV.  Glad I didn't comment, because I would have guessed incorrectly!

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