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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Alexis Del Cid to leave News 4 San Antonio WOAI

News 4 San Antonio WOAI morning and midday newscast anchor Alexis Del Cid announced she's leaving the station Thursday, August 12, 2021 to move to the Midwest to take care of her father.


Alexis Del Cid is the new Anchor, Host and Reporter for the Medical News Network from The University of Kansas Health System.


Here is what Del Cid posted on Facebook:

"My dad being diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease has been a life-changing catalyst. It brought my priorities into laser focus. Our time here is not guaranteed. There are no promises. You never know when the people you love most will be taken from you.

With this diagnosis- it also hit me like a lightning bolt realizing - I only have four more years with our son before he goes to college. Where did the years go!? I want to be awake for all of it. I need to be present for all of it. I want to be there for the important events and school nights and talks and dinners - and the mundane things as well, that add up to the big stuff in our lives. I want to give him the gift my dad (and my amazing mom) gave me -- and it's tough to do that when my life has revolved around my career and waking up at 2AM for so many years.

All this is why it's time for me to take a step back from my news career, and spend as much time as possible with my family and caring for my family.

We have been so incredibly blessed to live in San Antonio. We thought we would be here a lot longer! But when life pitches a curve ball - you keep playing the game. (I was looking for a better sports analogy, but I'll leave that to my amazing co-anchor, David Chancellor!)

If there's one thing I'm going to be thankful for the rest of my life - it's that I am able to close-out my news career at an incredible station, with beautiful teammates who are now my lifelong friends, on an awesome show, in the most unique and spectacular city that I will miss with my whole heart! That’s a pretty good note to end things on -- and a beautiful note on which to start a new adventure.

Speaking of new adventures - another big change is that we are also moving back to the Midwest. I need to get my mom and dad closer to some key resources and networks of support that it looks like we will need to care for my father as the Alzheimer's progresses.

I could not me more grateful for the support from my work family and my bosses at News4. I was so nervous to tell them my decision. I didn't need to be. They are wonderful and understand family is everything.

I don't know what I'll be doing for a career next, but I know as long as I'm with my family it will be okay.

On another note- I plan to continue using this forum to share my family's Alzheimer's journey and our other journeys! I pray one day we find a cure for this wicked disease. Until then my plan is to keep making connections and sharing with others who are feeling sad, lonely or just plain lost- for whatever reason.  If we can't use our time here on Earth to make connections and share- then what's the point of any of this, right?" 

Prior to WOAI San Antonio, Del Cid worked as an:

Anchor/Host - KCTV-TV, Kansas City, Missouri - August 2012 to 2018

Anchor/Reporter - KOIN-TV, Portland, Oregon - August 2004 to August 2012

Anchor/Reporter - KOB-TV, Albuquerque, New Mexico - March 2002 to August 2004

Reporter/Anchor - WCIA-TV, Champaign, Illinois - October 2000 to March 2002

Reporter/Anchor - KPLC-TV, Lake Charles, Louisiana - February 2000 to October 2000

Reporter - WMAQ-Radio, Chicago, Illinois - September 1998 to February 2000

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