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Friday, May 28, 2021

Blake Mathews leaving KHOU 11

To join in on a day of TV goodbyes by Tom Koch signing off and Britta Merwin announcing her departure, KHOU 11 meteorologist Blake Mathews has announced his departure from Houston television.

Blake Mathews joins CBS 11 KTVT 


Tim Pandajis joins KHOU 11 weather department

So that means we are losing on air folks from abc13 KTRK, KPRC 2 and channel 11! 

 I've had a lot of TV people announce exits and arrivals on the same day, but this might be the first time that all of the lower, formerly analog VHF channels had goodbyes like this. 

Any other talent from other Houston stations have anything to say on social media today?

Well, I can tell you, there will be another big name leaving shortly, but I bet that anchor will not post the news today.  Especially now! 

Stay tuned!

Here is what Mathews posted on Facebook:

"My days at KHOU-TV are ending. June 30th will be my last day on-air here in Houston.

After several months of self-reflection, I decided it was time to continue advancing my career somewhere else. The reasons are both professional and personal. The last 5 years can only be characterized as a rewarding learning experience; atypical in which the most difficult, chaotic times were also the most fruitful and educating.

Thanks to my team, led by Chief Meteorologist David Paul, we navigated the absolute worst that could ever be forecasted and survived. I’m very grateful to the entire team for their coaching and support. 

I count it as a high honor that one of the largest cities in the country could rely on the "hometown boy" to face head-on the most challenging of situations; namely Harvey and the winter storm of '21. Having weathered these storms, literally, I am a more confident, seasoned meteorologist with polished abilities that will accompany me on my next career venture.

In the last 5 years, I also undertook some personal goals, mainly in fitness that saw me transform virtually overnight. I also grew a beard LOL. I want to continue on the path of personal growth and happiness and I’m excited about it. 

So where'm I going? In the near term, anywhere I want. I'm packing up my SUV and moving to Florida to start. I'm going to spend the next 6-8 weeks frying on the beach and enjoying the weekends and reconnecting with friends, family--- and more importantly myself. I'll still be enjoying the weather from afar and obsessing over the next big event that may impact the Texas coast: a place that'll always be home regardless of where I am in the world.

TV is incredibly rewarding. However it requires big sacrifice with where you live, the hours you work and the shift you're responsible for. So I'll be doing a lot of thinking, long and hard. Life changing decisions will be made soon.

In closing, thank you again for putting your trust in my team and I. I'm incredibly hopeful and excited about a very bright future and I can't wait to share with you all what's next for me.

With my mom, dad, sister, son-in-law, nephew aunts, uncles and cousins here, I'll definitely be back for visits.

Houston, you're in good hands. Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!"

Mathews joined the KHOU weather department in 2016 from WJXT Jacksonville.

Before that, he worked at KPRC as an assignments editor.

He got his start in TV at KBTX 3 Bryan/College Station as a morning and weekend meteorologist.

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