Thursday, September 17, 2020

KETK Tyler launches new 4 and 4:30pm newscasts

New Newscasts Kick-Off Two-and-a-Half-Hour Block of Local and National News

KETK Tyler

Tyler, TX (Sept. 17, 2020) – KETK-TV, the Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc., television station serving the Tyler-Longview-Jacksonville, Texas area (DMA #114), has launched two new half-hour, live, local weekday newscasts at 4 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. 

“KETK News at 4” and “KETK News at 4:30,” made their debut on Sept. 14, and serve as the cornerstone for a two-and-half-hour block of local and national news and feature the latest breaking news, weather and sports important to the viewers of East Texas. The new newscasts are followed by “KETK News at 5,” “NBC Nightly News” at 5:30 PM, and “KETK News at 6.”

“KETK News at 4” and “KETK News at 4:30” are anchored by Kaci Koviak and Trent Bennett, both natives of East Texas who bring extensive knowledge, perspective, and deep personal connections to the communities served by the station. Chief Meteorologist Marcus Bagwell will provide weather forecasts.

The newscasts feature a variety of new segments including, “Your Money” with KETK Today anchor Isaac Ramirez and “Your Health” with KETK Today anchor Cynthia McLaughlin. Veteran KETK Anchor and Managing Editor Neal Barton will deliver “Small Town Salutes.” The broadcasts will also include a segment called “Now That’s East Texas,” highlighting the special people who make this region of the state unique.

As the November election approaches, “KETK News at 4” and “KETK News at 4:30” and Nexstar’s Washington, D.C. and Austin, TX, news bureaus will provide special reports from the campaign trail.  Additional news reports on major regional events will be provided by Nexstar television stations in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and throughout the southern United States.

“We are excited to be expanding our local news broadcasts and to be generating more local content for our viewers across East Texas,” said Ward Huey, Vice President and General Manager of KETK-TV.  “Adding more hours of news is another demonstration of our commitment to the communities we serve.  While these newscasts will give viewers an early look at the day’s top news stories, they also provide in-depth reporting on a wide range of important issues.”

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