Saturday, October 26, 2019

Lindsey Henry leaves FOX 26

UPDATE January 08, 2021

After almost three years, FOX 26 KRIV reporter Lindsey Henry announces her departure

Some of my readers have noticed that FOX 26 reporter Lindsey Henry has not been on air lately. Well, now Henry is giving readers the exclusive scoop about what's next for her after channel 26.

Last April, Henry got engaged to her boyfriend Curt Freeman while the two were exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu.

Henry wrote this update for my blog on what's happening in couple's world now:

The last two months I’ve received lots of messages asking where I’m at or what I’m doing and at first I wasn’t quite ready to make the announcement, but now I am.

We’ve had a very fun, but also very difficult year as several of those closest to us were diagnosed with cancer. Two of our loved ones passed away, one of which we were taking care of. We miss them both tremendously and are praying we see them again one day.

We’ve dealt with some of our own health challenges as well. Fortunately for now, we are are moving forward, supporting and loving our family, while taking time for ourselves.

Curt and I have thought very long and hard on this and we’re excited to announce we are both taking sabbaticals from our careers. Our travel adventures will begin, hopefully, right after the Astros win the World Series this year!

I’ve worked as a TV news reporter for the last 8.5 years and in the news industry since I was 18. My time started at KIII in Corpus Christi as a production assistant and took me to Joplin, Missouri, my mother’s hometown, Springfield and Jefferson City (KOAM and FOX 14), as well as Fresno, California (KSEE 24 & CBS 47).

I’ve absolutely loved it.

Working in my hometown of Houston, I was blessed with the opportunity to cover major things over the last few years. I’ll never forget when “#EdThePhotog” and I were inside Minute Maid for the watch party when the Astros won the World Series back in 2017. Streamers falling, fans screaming as we shot video from the other side of the dugout.

It was a moment of pure joy and happiness and that’s how I feel about this decision. Ready to take on our adventure, together.

Does this mean I’m out of the industry for good?

No, it doesn’t!

For now, I can promise you I have lots of things I plan on writing about and have a goal of publishing my first book in the next year.

We also have several other goals of stepping foot on every continent and seeing all the great wonders of the world.

In closing, I just want to say thank you.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out to us this year and get ready because we will be posting much of our journey on social media, with friends and family.

Lindsey Henry

Lindsey Henry joins FOX 26

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