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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

VIDEO: The real reasons Astroworld closed

I was pleasantly surprised when Astroworld's 50th anniversary came around last week and the Houston media covered it very well.

One of the hot topics on this blog when I started it back in 2005 was our then recently shuttered Houston amusement park.

Right before its big 5-0 (or what would have been), Defunctland, a popular YouTube channel which describes itself as a series discussing the history of extinct theme park and themed entertainment experiences did a video on our beloved Astroworld.

It's a very informative video - especially when it touches on why the park actually closed.

How Houston became the biggest U.S. city without a theme park   

What was also interesting was reading the video's comments. Defunctland has viewers from all over and many said this was the saddest video they had ever viewed on the channel. I agree.

Way to go Six Flags! In the past the company has sent me press releases. No chance any of that news is getting on this blog.

Last spring break I actually broke my boycott of Six Flags. I did it for my kids. Since they don't have a Houston amusement park at this point (Grand Texas where are you?), we didn't want to deprive them of the fun experience. So on our trip to San Antonio, we spent a day at Fiesta Texas. I felt like a cheater going there.

That was my first time ever being there and let me tell you, it is no Astroworld. It was just OK. Nothing amazing.

Here's the funny part, I saw A TON of Houston related shirts in that park. Now, some of those people could have lived in other Texas cities and were just jumping on the 2017 World Championship Houston Astros bandwagon, but I would guess many lived in or around the Bayou City.

All that money could have stayed here. And big time roller coaster enthusiasts could have visited both parks.

I kept thinking no ride competes with the back seat of the Texas Cyclone, the anticipation of the Sky Screamer or the thrill of Greased Lightnin'!

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