Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thanks to KPRC 2 for covering my mom's Alzheimer's story #endalz

Special thanks to KPRC 2 for covering my mom's story in her battle with Alzheimer's disease.

The story aired at 10pm last night. I actually did not see it live on the air because I was still on a plane coming in from my trip meeting with the staffs of the Houston-area Congressional offices.

For Mike McGuff, life is all about creating precious memories with his two boys -- James and David.

The local web designer and creator of the popular media blog realizes just how quickly life can change, and one's memory can fade completely.

"If you look at those pictures, you would not know, but by then, she was disappearing rapidly at that point," McGuff said as he described his mother, Elizabeth. READ MORE

Tera Roberson, John Hill, Bill Carruthers, John Barone and Andy Cerota did a fantastic job covering this informative story with care and compassion.

Hopefully it can help someone.

For more information click here or to help fight the disease with a donation, click here.

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