Saturday, June 16, 2018

KLOL would get ratted out by the Houston Chronicle in the 1970s

I told you about Runaway Radio Rewind the other day.

It's a video podcast that looks back at the crazy world of rocker 101 KLOL by the people who were working there. They are even throwing in a classic Stevens and Pruett Uncle Waldo for good measure!

Above is episode #1 which goes into the early days of the station in the Rice Hotel in downtown Houston. This is back in the early 1970s.

In this podcast episode, Pat Fant, the man who signed on KLOL, talks about the early days of the legendary rock station. This part includes how the station used to get in trouble thanks to the Houston Chronicle which was across the street:

So that was the Rice Hotel setting. It was downtown Houston on Prairie at Travis I think. And the Houston Chronicle Building was directly across the street from the KLOL studios in the Rice Hotel.

And the rooftop of the Rice Hotel annex was just at the right height. That if we went out stairs got in the stairwell went up to the roof and did whatever it was we did on the roof, the people looked out the window from the Chronicle and they could see everything we were doing.

So, then that would appear in the paper from time to time that, You know, those hippies with KLOL were caught again. On the roof with their pipes and all that. So that was another running joke.

You can read more of the transcript here on the 101 KLOL documentary blog. Make sure to sign up to the documentary's email newsletter and social media sites so you know when the trailer comes out!

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