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Monday, June 26, 2017

The Deplorables' Guide to Fake News + TV News Grapevine blog is back!

The book that will finally kill fake news: The Deplorables' Guide to Fake News

Randy Tatano (aka The Grape) has lots of experience in news, from local TV to the national network level. Back in the day I used to go through his blog and link his headlines right here.

TV staffers loved it.

With his varied perspective, he was laying stuff out on the table no one else dared talk about.

Good news. After a blog hiatus, he's back writing on the TV News Grapevine blog!

Why has his blog been MIA for years?

Because this grizzled journalist started writing books. I've featured them over the years too. Mostly he is a fiction guy, but the last election really got him going. His scary as it all non-fiction. Yep, he's tackling the fake news sensation.

You might call this Fifty Shades of Gray Pantsuits.

Nope, this isn't a racy novel. But it's filled with dirty tricks.

It's the playbook used by biased reporters to promote an agenda... or a certain political candidate.

Yes, fake news has become an epidemic. But there is a cure.

Being able to recognize it. Along with the media people who are more interested in creating a narrative than presenting the public with actual facts.

The Deplorables' Guide to Fake News reveals the tricks of the trade... which are basically dirty ones played on the public by a biased media.

Because fiction isn't just for novels anymore.

Randy Tatano is a 30 year veteran of the television news business, having worked as a reporter, anchor and network field producer. He writes political thrillers as Nick Harlow, and romantic comedies for HarperCollins writing as Nic Tatano. He is the co-author of Eyewitness Newsman with television news legend Al Primo and the author of Broadcast Journalism Street Smarts.

He is a native of Stamford, Connecticut and now lives on the Gulf Coast.

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