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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Where has Ed Brandon been? Is he OK?

Legendary abc13 KTRK weatherman Ed Brandon has died

"Congratulations! You made it through another week"

So what's happening with former KTRK abc13 weatherman Ed Brandon? You might remember how Brandon retired from channel 13 in March 2007.

That was then, how about right now?

Friends and fans have been reaching out find out why he wasn't present at the Dave Ward leaving channel 13 celebrations.

I heard the reason he wasn't in attendance was because of his health. Brandon tells me the actual reason he didn't show up was because he wasn't even aware of the events in the first place.

So, while I had him, I took the time to catch us all up with the legendary Houston weatherman.

Mike McGuff: How has your health been?

Ed Brandon: I would say that my health is “stable.” I was diagnosed with chronic heart disease after a heart attack in 2002. With proper diet and medication, I am managing well. My heart medications adversely affect my kidneys, so I am also being treated for that. I won’t be climbing any mountains or running any marathons, but I can do most anything I want to.

MM: What have you been up to lately?

EB: Since retiring, I lead what most folks would consider a rather boring life. I bought house when I retired and enjoy puttering around with it. Pretty heavily involved in the “recovery” movement which is its own little sub-set of society. Still involved with the Cenikor recovery program. We had the 25th annual Ed Brandon/Cenikor Golf Tournament in April and it was a success. I travel occasionally. Usually to New York or Los Angeles or to my brother's place in Carmel, Ca. Also go to lots of plays and films.

MM: As a longtime former broadcaster, what have you been watching on TV lately?

EB: I rarely watch local television news. (I think the person who first came up with “news you can use” should be forced to sit down and watch it 24 hours a day). Most of my viewing is Netflix, Hulu, cable news channels and God forgive me, Bravo.

MM: Any words of congratulations for Dave Ward on the end of his anchoring career at KTRK?

EB: I think Dave Ward is getting the adulation and respect he rightly deserves. I consider myself fortunate beyond words to have appeared with him...and some other “legends"...on KTRK for such a large chunk of my career.

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