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Monday, February 01, 2016

Dave Ward injury takes him off abc13 for a spell

Dave Ward returns to KTRK abc13 after fall

Iconic Houston TV anchor Dave Ward will be off KTRK abc13 for a few weeks after injury

Dave Ward
Dave Ward
KTRK abc13 announced on it's 6pm news tonight that Dave Ward would be out for a few weeks due to a slight mishap.

Viewers and other Houston television station personnel have asked me what happened to the legendary anchor.

"I'll be back in time for the rodeo parade come hell or high water," Ward told

Last week, Ward informed me he was recording an audio spot to promote the 6pm news when he fell.

 The culprit, the longtime anchorman says, was a pair of headphones that had fallen off the desk. He hadn't noticed the headphone's wire had wrapped around his legs which caused him to lose balance.

The next thing, Ward was on the way to the hospital where doctors say he had hairline type fracture on his pelvic bone.

Doctors say the injury could take three to four weeks to heal, but Ward told me once he gets the pain under control, he would like to be back at the news desk before that.

You might remember in January 2012, Ward fell at the station and made it back in time for the rodeo parade.

Now that he is back home, here's to a speedy recovery Dave!

Dave Ward returns to KTRK abc13 after fall

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