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Friday, January 08, 2016

Where is Brien Straw on SportsRadio 610's The Bstraw & PaulyG Show?

Sounds like layoffs took out Brien Straw on SportsRadio 610's The Bstraw & PaulyG Show

Brien Straw
Brien Straw
My email box is starting to fill up with questions about what happened to SportsRadio 610 KILT's The Bstraw & PaulyG Show host Brien Straw.

I've already told you about the whereabouts of another CBS Radio Houston employee, PK from the Hot 95.7 morning show, this week.

Two missing CBS Houston radio employees on the same week? Sounds like something is going on.

 And according to a Dec 21, 2015 Philadelphia Business Journal article, there were "nationwide layoffs of roughly 200 employees — including several on air, sales and support staff at the six local CBS stations."

So that might clear up the questions. Has there been anyone else off the airwaves of a CBS Houston station as of late?

Straw took to Twitter to answer listener questions and when someone asked him point blank, "Yes or no question. Did you leave on your own?" the sports talk host answered, "no."

Right now, Straw tweeted he is looking for work.

His former radio partner, Paul Gallant, continues on with Gallant at Night in the same 7pm to 11pm time slot. You'll have to scroll down on this link to hear it, but Gallant opened a show this week mentioning Straw, how he missed him and that they are friends. (Where is Houston Media Watch when you need them?)

In case you don't know, Straw has an interesting story when it comes to getting into sports talk radio. According to his website, he was selling commercial insurance benefits by day and doing a weekly podcasting at night back in 2004. That Ole Miss sports podcast got him gigs at several radio stations that led him to Houston's SportsRadio 610.

I had a chance to compete with Straw at the 2014 TXU Houston media turkey calling contest. Seemed like a nice guy.

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