Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Two Houston TV newsers releasing books/albums

Tom Abrahams rolls out new novels; Marci Izard releases first book and album

Here is some big news, just in time for the holidays, about two Houston TV staffers turned authors.

I've been covering KTRK abc13 weekend anchor Tom Abrahams' journey into the literary world since the start of his written journey and he is showing no signs of writer's block.

Tom Abrahams
Tom Abrahams
All three of his ALLEGIANCE books are out in ebook form with a special promotional price on Amazon through the end of the year. It's .99 for ALLEGIANCE (free if you have kindle unlimited), $2.99 each for ALLEGIANCE BURNED AND HIDDEN ALLEGIANCE (also free through kindle unlimited.) All of them are also available for free if you’re a prime member and choose to “borrow” the books. The paperbacks are $16 and available everywhere books are sold.

Allegiance, by the way, reached #87 on all of Amazon in September (out of millions of ebooks) and it was number one in the Thriller Category ahead of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor for a couple of days.

You'll find Texas mentions in all the books. From a sniper atop the George R. Brown Convention Center (the ongoing construction might trip up a sniper these days), chase through the downtown tunnels, a slow speed chase during rush hour on 59, a shootout in Upper Kirby, large fire and explosion along the North Freeway, and a huge scene at the end of the book inside the Astrodome (in its current state of disrepair).

Readers of my blog will appreciate that all three feature a Houston television reporter as a secondary character.

On the horizon, look out for a sequel to SEDITION called INTENTION. It begins with a hip-hop star overdosing after a concert in the Toyota Center and is connected to an international conspiracy involving electronic surveillance and terrorism.

Plus next year, Abrahams will put out a new series which takes place in post-apocalyptic Texas five years after a pandemic pneumonia kills 2/3 of the world’s population in 2032. It's refreshing because there are no zombies (that is if you can find post-apocalyptic refreshing).

Marci Izard
Marci Izard
Marci Izard worked as a freelance reporter at KIAH 39 and continued on with the station as a producer for NewsFix.

 When, not writing the news, Izard has been writing about food.

She's been writing a blog on for years, hosting a cooking segment on NewsFix, teaching yoga and meditation and recently launched a digital mindfulness segment on

All of those experiences have gone into her first book Nourishing Your Whole Self: A Cookbook with Feelings.

Not to be limited by the page, Izard has also dropped an album, Feel for Peace; Guided Meditations (available on iTunes).

So don't say I've never given good suggestions on Christmas morning stocking stuffers!

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