Friday, May 08, 2015

Sharron Melton's future after KTRK abc13: We have a clue

Looks like Sharron Melton is ready for takeoff in her post KTRK abc13 career

Sharron Melton
Sharron Melton
Lot's of talk here and around the web about what Houston TV anchor Sharron Melton will do next after leaving KTRK abc13 this week.

Naturally talk of a non-compete clause has come up in those conversations.

See where Sharron Melton celebrated the weekend after she left KTRK abc13

A clause like that in Melton's contract would keep her from appearing on any TV station for a determined amount of time after she leaves KTRK. Essentially it protects abc13 from Melton showing up over at KPRC 2, KHOU 11, FOX 26 KRIV...etc. and taking channel 13 viewers with her.

A person with close ties to Melton's situation told that she does not have a non-compete in her contract. In fact many of the older KTRK contracts did not contain the clause. That means Melton is free and clear to show up on another television station as soon as her KTRK contract ends.

Now the question is, did her contract end when she left the station this week, or do we still have some time left on it?

Stay tuned.

Why is Sharron Melton a KTRK abc13 'field anchor' now?

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