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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

See you on the other side

Taking off blogger hat, to put on director's hat? Production assistant get me my Dr Pepper 10!!!

The real star of my blog - Sharron Melton!
"So Long Farewell" as I put the on hiatus. Lot's of stuff going on right now so it will be blog break time for a while or is it awhile?

The Houston and Texas media party will still continue on my social media accounts. Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram to keep up with what's going on while I'm away from here.

When I went to New York in April, it wasn't to get offered munchies by CNN, take a Big Apple media tour or even just to see a real space shuttle.

No, it was to interview legendary drummer Carmine Appice (Rod Stewart, Ozzy, Vanilla Fudge, Cactus to name a few of his bands) for my Rock 101 KLOL documentary.

Appice was awesome. I could have sat there all day talking rock and roll and the music industry. And you thought the TV industry was difficult!

So it's on to finishing the much talked about, little seen KLOL doc. It's almost like a radio unicorn.

Don't worry, if Sharron Melton shows up somewhere, I will return to post for that! I talked with Melton this past weekend at the Don Nelson surprise party in Galveston and she told me I would be one of the first to hear her good news when she has some.

Goodbye, I will miss you but will be back when I can!

And just because I'm not currently posting, doesn't mean you have to stop dropping by here. I have a Houston news page updating stories 24 hours a day, the same for a media news page, Houston TV Instagram photos and a page with Houston media member tweets.

Mike McGuff and Carmine Appice

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