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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Should Houston fly under the media's radar?

Is Houston getting too popular with the national media? Can we handle all the transplants that will come with it?

Houston has clearly become more popular with the national press. After feeling disrespected for years...has the attention been all it's cracked up to be? Or are we getting too popular, with too many people moving here? Will we be able to handle it?

Don't get me started on the traffic either.

It's a radical change from when I started this blog in 2005. Back then, I would try to spotlight cool things about Houston. I even wrote the post "Why do people hate Houston?" and got lots of negative feedback about the Bayou City.

However, lately the love has been shining down on our fair city.

I appeared on 88.7 KUHF's Houston Matters with the Houston Chronicle's Craig Hlavaty and James Glassman, the founder and director of Houstorian to discuss "Houston under the radar" (audio of broadcast embedded above or click here).

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