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Sunday, June 15, 2014

How becoming a stay at home dad helps me overcome family tragedy

And how I thought Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom would never be me

To celebrate Father's Day, I wrote a guest post on the Houston Mom's Blog about why I am a stay at home dad.

Kelly Davis, the site's chief blogger, convinced me to contribute after we met at an appearance on 88.7 KUHF's Houston Matters. Our topic on the radio show that day was the unique challenges of being a parent in Houston.

Here is a sample of the post:

When I’m writing posts for my own Houston media blog, most of my readers probably don’t realize I’m juggling two kids along with the latest media news.

That’s the life of a stay at home dad. You have multiple bosses, and they are half your size - but double the energy.

Naturally, it’s not all blogging for me. That’s what nap and school time are for. READ THE REST

Happy Father's Day everyone. Remember to enjoy the time.

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