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Friday, November 08, 2013

Lauren Freeman returns to KPRC 2 from maternity leave

KPRC 2's Lauren Freeman is back from maternity leave, but appeared on 4pm news instead of morning newscast

Lauren Freeman
Lauren Freeman (KPRC)

Lauren Freeman is new KPRC 2 4pm anchor

KPRC 2 morning anchor, Lauren Freeman, returned from maternity leave Thursday, but you might have missed it.

Instead of returning to her usual morning schedule, Freeman made a more low-key appearance on the 4pm newscast alongside Andy Cerota who is filling in for Keith Garvin. (See photo)

Friday, Rachel McNeill, the station's 4pm anchor, and who has been filling in for Freeman, continued to handle the morning show with Owen Conflenti. Guess we will see Freeman back at 4pm today.

If I was a mom with a new baby number three in my family, I'd want to ease back and avoid the morning news grind at first too!

Besides, as mentioned on her Facebook page, Freeman had to stay up late last night and watch our Baylor Bears dominate the Oklahoma Sooners. Still undefeated! "Sic 'Em Bears" and I'll drink a Dr Pepper to that.

Lauren Freeman is new KPRC 2 4pm anchor

Lauren Freeman is on the 4pm today and Keith Garvin is back too.

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