Thursday, November 07, 2013

Classical 91.7 KUHA eliminates DJ staff; goes syndicated

Classical 91.7 KUHA being bought by KSBJ to become NGEN Radio

Classical 91.7 KUHA gets rid of 8 full time positions and goes with programming service Classical 24

Classical 91.7 KUHA has announced it is eliminating its local on air staff and going with syndicated classical programming. The Front Row is also being altered according to the release. Here is more:

"Houston Public Media announced Thursday (Nov. 7) it is creating an Arts and Culture Team to increase and enhance coverage of the city’s vibrant arts community. Creation of the Arts and Culture Team is the latest in a series of moves by Houston Public Media to add increased capabilities in local multi-platform content development, and realign staff to strengthen local news coverage, web initiatives and public affairs

In keeping with trends in the industry, Houston Public Media will expand its use of the programming service Classical 24 throughout the broadcast day. Classical 24 is a nationally syndicated live classical music service produced by American Public Media and distributed by Public Radio International.

Classical 91.7’s “The Front Row” is being “re-imagined into multi-platform local content that exposes artists and arts organizations to wider audiences,” said Lisa Shumate, executive director and general manager of Houston Public Media. “The new Arts and Culture Team will continue service to the local arts community via multiplatform initiatives with Arts Insight, Manor of Speaking, and Houston Matters—all local programming that launched in 2013,” Shumate said.

These changes will result in the elimination of eight full-time positions."

Staff members no longer listed on the Houston Public Media staff page include Elaine Kennedy, Chris Johnson and Christopher Harding.

Classical 91.7 came on the air in 2011 after the University of Houston bought the frequency from Rice University's KTRU.

Classical 91.7 KUHA being bought by KSBJ to become NGEN Radio

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