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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Classical 91.7 KUHA being bought by KSBJ to become NGEN Radio

KSBJ to acquire 91.7 KUHA from University of Houston System

KSBJ Educational Foundation (KSBJ) and University of Houston System (UHS) announced today that they have entered into a purchase agreement for KSBJ to acquire KUHA-FM from UHS. KUHA-FM is a 50,000 watt non-commercial station serving the Houston market area. The transaction requires Federal Communications Commission approval which is expected later this spring.

KSBJ intends to use the newly acquired signal to broadcast sister station NGEN radio, which would expand NGEN radio's Houston-area reach with their ministry. With numerous signals throughout the Gulf Coast Region, NGEN radio has been reaching a younger generation with Christian hip-hop and pop music for over five years.

“This is a significant milestone for KSBJ. For 34 years, we have dreamed of having a full power FM station covering all of Houston that reaches young people,” says Tim McDermott, president of KSBJ. “We are so excited about having this and the impact for good it will have on our city.”

Currently KUHA-FM is licensed to the University of Houston and operates as Houston Public Media’s Classical 91.7. Last August the Board of Regents of the University of Houston approved the transition of its continuous classical music programming to all-digital distribution in recognition of the superior broadcast quality and greater efficiency of digital broadcasting.

"Our commitment to multi-platform arts and culture coverage is stronger than ever before as we are now incorporating online video and television programming in addition to classical music for the Houston community,“ said Lisa Shumate, associate vice president and general manager of Houston Public Media where broadcast operations also include News 88.7 (KUHF-FM), NPR in Houston and TV 8 (KUHT-TV) Houston PBS.

“We’re happy that the ownership of KUHA will stay in local hands with an experienced broadcaster and look forward to working with KSBJ on a smooth transition,” said Shumate.

Shumate added that, since the announcement of the transition last year, Houston Public Media has continued broadcasting classical on KUHA-FM while educating listeners about this coming change and how they can access the all-classical digital broadcast through a variety of channels including 88.7 HD-2, Houston Public Media classical app, streaming online at, free applications like iHeartRadio and TuneIn, and via television at TV 8.5.

(This post was taken from a release sent to me by Houston Public Media)

- A Dream Come True!
- Price For KUHA/Houston Sale: $10 Million


  1. Shumate is kryptonite to public broadcasting in Houston. She needs to go.

    1. I don't think you can blame her for listeners not supporting the station.

    2. "Public broadcasting" needs more kryptonite.

  2. Sorry, folks, but don't get all excited about KUHA. In their application to transfer this station. KSBJ Educational Foundation submitted incomplete and erroneous information. To ensure media diversity, there are laws that limit the same entity from owning too many radio stations in the same geographical region. Thus, I have filed an opposition to this transfer. See

    KSBJ is not the true Christian ministry it once was under the original owners. Despite being in the noncommercial band and having tax exempt status, the so-called KSBJ Educational Foundation has become a well-oiled million dollar money making machine. There's not a lick of difference from what they're doing, and what another slick-talking con artist is doing in the building we used to watch the Rockets play basketball.

    Money is the root of all evil.

    1. how do you know this Joe? do you have some proof of this?

  3. "...the superior broadcast quality and greater efficiency of digital broadcasting." That's bunk. Digital sound quality pales in comparison to analogue because of compression of the recording and extrapolation in the playback. Not only that, but if you have a digital radio receiver, you'll notice that instead of a bit of static, the sound cuts out altogether. This sale is due to the cost of its purchase and the lack of fundraising to keep it.

  4. do you know what is going to happen to KSBJ's HD stations when the switch is officially made?


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