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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Jessica Willey announces pregnancy - score one for the abc13 KTRK delivery room

abc13 KTRK reporter Jessica Willey is covering the news for two

KTRK abc13's Jessica Willey has her baby

Jessica Willey
Jessica Willey
Jessica Willey, KTRK abc13 reporter, announced on Facebook Tuesday evening that she is expecting another child.

"It's getting pretty obvious so I wanted to share," Willey wrote. "I am due in a few months with our second girl and third child."

In my May post, 5 Houston TV anchors with baby bumps, I hinted there would be a future announcement and this is it. Although you might say ace Houston Chronicle reporter Mike Glenn broke the news on this very blog a few weeks ago.

According to her bio, Willey has been at KTRK since 2000. She previously worked at KOKH Oklahoma City and started her career in Denison.

In a strange twist of fate, the bio also states her son and daughter were born on the same day!

Speaking of KTRK, we've already had one of those five previously mentioned babies enter our world. Live Well Deals host Katishia 'Kat' Cosley announced the birth of her son in early June.

Click here to see which other TV folks are still expecting.

KTRK abc13's Jessica Willey has her baby

KTRK abc13's Miya Shay& Gene Wu delivers baby

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