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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TV news expert advice for working, job hunting and getting out

When I posted links to his blog last time, you loved it, so here we go again. Randy Tatano (aka The Grape) has lots of experience in news, from local to the networks. His blog is a great resource for TV news newbies all the way to the grizzled veterans.

Below are links to some of his posts over the past few months that really jumped out at me.

- Is there a secret seminar evil managers attend to learn how to push your emotional buttons?
- A two pack a day habit will kill you; and we're not talkin' about cigarettes
- Reporter's contracts: a stupid idea that really needs to go away
- Why your station hired a "recycled" News Director
- Your best sound bite might be a piece of b-roll
- Happiness is the new black (or, why you should stop obsessing over market size)
- The real pros are polite
- Always have an "escape tape"
- Don't forget the nat sound underneath
- How to live comfortably on a lousy salary

- The biggest mistake people make on their resume tapes
- Should we market our MMJ experience to get into big markets?
- Entry level job hunting is a lot like the NFL draft
- Top lies heard by recent graduates
- Got an offer? Don't forget this stuff
- The biggest Jedi Mind Trick of all: market size
- Negotiating a job in broadcasting
- A job with no contract is worth its weight in gold
- Little things you can do to improve your chances when job hunting
- When they play poker, you play chess

- A year ago it was the job you desperately wanted; now you can't wait to get the hell out
- Exit strategy: Can you leave the business?
Burned out at 23? It's not you, it's them

- TV news staffer advice and tips from a veteran
- Looking for TX TV jobs?

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