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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Where are Wayne Dolcefino and Tim Melton?

UPDATE 11/21/2012
Wayne Dolcefino and KTRK 13 divorce

Here is a follow up to some of my previous posts. First, we are still apparently on Wayne Dolcefino sweeps watch. November is nearing its end and still no sign of Mr. 13 Undercover.

Forget about all the rumors concerning his status with the station.  It's coming at me from all sides every single day, but the simple fact is that Dolcefino's bio is still on KTRK 13's web site at the time of this post's writing.

Then there is the case of KTRK 13 weekend sports anchor Tim Melton. Forgive us for caring about Melton's whereabouts, he's only been coming into Houston living rooms every week since 1981.

It was last October when Melton suffered a stroke and since then we've only caught a few glimpses of him on TV and on the KTRK 13 Facebook account.

I certainly hope Melton is having a speedy and good recovery. He's a great sports anchor and nice guy too.

Since October, KTRK has brought in freelancers like Hugh Lewis and 1560 KGOW/Yahoo! Sports Radio's David Nuno to do some sports fill-in work

The update in the missing Melton case is that the Houston Chronicle's Ken Hoffman is reporting that David Nuno has quit the radio station and has been hired full-time at KTRK.

"The big adjustment for me is going back to being a reporter," Nuno told Hoffman. "On radio, I would watch all the games, but I was rarely with the players. Joining Channel 13 puts me back on the beat. It's pretty amazing to work at the station I grew up watching with many of the same on-air staff."

So does that mean if/when Melton returns that the KTRK 13 sports department will be larger? Right now the station's sports staff includes Melton, the soon departing Bob Allen, Allen's replacement Greg Bailey, Bob Slovak and now David Nuno. Even with Allen out the door, the on air staff  will still be larger than ever.

That's a lot of good sports coverage!

Stay tuned.

UPDATE 11/21/2012
Wayne Dolcefino and KTRK 13 divorce

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