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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

KHOU 11 bets on Drew Karedes from KTNV Las Vegas

Drew Karedes to exit KHOU 11

I'm usually pretty good at telling you about newly hired Houston TV reporters before they start on the air, but even I have my misses.

 Case in point, new KHOU 11 reporter Drew Karedes. He is one of many constantly changing folks in front of the camera lens at the Houston Belo station. I find consolation in the fact that considering the amount of new people arriving to the station over the last year, my batting average ain't too bad overall.

Karedes started at KHOU last week apparently. He comes from KTNV-TV in Las Vegas where some of his work was even featured in the Las Vegas Review Journal. Before that he reported at the NBC affiliate in Green Bay, WI. Karedes started behind the scenes at WHDH-TV in Boston.

In the past, Karedes has described himself in his bio as a true "New Englander." In fact he graduated from Northeastern University.

Drew Karedes to exit KHOU 11

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