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Thursday, February 23, 2012

KIAH 39's NewsFix gets product pulled

We haven't heard much out of KIAH 39's NewsFix as of late, but that's now changed. The station let me know that one of its NewsFixer investigations has Petco pulling a dog toy from store shelves:

An investigation by KIAH-TV’s “The NewsFixer” has led to a nationwide removal of a dog toy that threatened the health of a Houston canine. The toy “Snuggling Furry Friend,” sold as a private brand under the Petco label, was found to contain traces of Trimethyl Benzene, Arsenic, Cadmium and Lead, along with Naphthalene, the main ingredient in moth balls.

The toxins were detected in the Petco toy by an independent laboratory after a NewsFix viewer, Mark Smith of Houston, told the station his Chow Mix “Charlet” became sick after first chewing on the toy in December 2011. After inquiries by “The NewsFixer,” Petco agreed to pay for Smith’s veterinary expenses. Subsequent investigation by NewsFix led to Petco’s nationwide removal of the chew toy off the shelves, and in the wake of a follow-up story aired on February 23, 2012, Petco said it would also test all similar toys sold in its retail outlets for toxic substances.

“We’re pleased we could help one of our loyal viewers,” said NewsFix News Director Gary Jaffe, “And we’re proud that ‘The NewsFixer’ has continued to be an effective and relevant investigative force in the community.”

Previous “NewsFixer” investigations have revealed wasted resources by the City of Houston, and have prompted hastened municipal cleanup in residential areas.
I realized in posting this news, that the station has re-branded its investigative unit. In this release, the station calls the unit "NewsFixer," but in a previous release, it was called "The Fixer."

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