Wednesday, January 18, 2012

David Sadof joins Third Rock radio at

I told you in December how gets alternative online radio through RFC Media. What this means is Pat Fant, the guy who created Rock 101 KLOL and 107.5 The Buzz KTBZ, is behind it.

Fant has just hired a well known music guru to join the online venture, former Lunar Rotation and Exposure host David Sadof.

David Sadof with Tori Amos
The mission of NASA’s Third Rock Radio is to explore new worlds of music and present the best of those discoveries for the enjoyment of audiences everywhere. Such an assignment calls for the most inspired among us to take the first watch.

RFC Media has tapped noted music explorer and expert discographer David Sadof to join the programming team of Cruze and Donna McKenzie in the creation of the infinite playlist that supplies NASA’s Third Rock – America’s Space Station with a continuous source of New Rock/Indi/Alternative.

Sadof and RFC Media’s Pat Fant first connected over a spinning turntable in 1986 at Houston’s Rock 101/KLOL where Sadof’s specialty program Lunar Exposure became Houston’s radio launch pad for unheard of bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins.

David Sadof, Fant and Cruze first came together as a trio when they kicked off Houston’s alternative rocker KTBZ, The BUZZ in 1995. Now, a full rotation later, the band is back, along with Her Highness Donna McKenzie, to make more atmospheric waves around Radio Powered by NASA.

Welcome to David Sadof, now in residence at RFC Media, Houston, Texas.

Houston-based RFC Media, LLC, designs, produces and executes private label radio stations enabling brands to stream custom content live online and across the mobile broadband networks. The firm brings a rich history of broadcast management, programming and media marketing to private enterprise in the development of on-demand media.

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