Friday, July 02, 2010

HISD's and RFC Media's K12 Radio launches

Last March I told you about HISD's K12 Radio that would be launching this summer. I got an exclusive look at how the company behind the Houston Independent School District's online radio station, RFC Media, operates from the man in charge Pat Fant.

Yesterday was the big launch day and now you can listen to K12 Radio through HISD's website. I took a listen and was impressed at the sound quality. Very good bitrate for Internet radio. The station loads quickly too.

Since it is the only school district Internet radio station in the country, I'm told it is being watched closely by a lot of outside districts.

Take a listen for yourself by logging on to and click on the image on the left hand side of the page that says K12 radio.

- Houston rock radio pioneer dumps FM for Web broadcasting


  1. If they spent one penny on it heads should roll. The HISD school down the street from me is so bad I would not let my children near it. But i am sure internet radio will change all that. What a stupid idea.

  2. HISD's main problem is that it has many terrible schools and a few excellent ones. The magnet program, thankfully, allows students zoned to terrible schools to get away from them. Unfortunately, that's not a true solution to this seemingly unsolvable problem.


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