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Thursday, December 15, 2011

KHOU 11's Christine Haas writes 'The Ranch: Secrets and Sins'

You can call KHOU 11 anchor (former KVUE Austin anchor) Christine Haas an earlier riser, but now you can call her 'author' too. That's right, the morning anchor has written a new book called The Ranch: Secrets and Sins.

Haas pulled the story from a world she knows well...journalism:

It all begins with Jack James' uncanny ability to uncover the deepest of secrets, wrongdoing and deceit. He is the John Wayne of news reporting in this novel as he shows true grit in the pursuit of truth and justice. Jack is a successful journalist who fights off his demons of insecurity, and his problems get even bigger when he gets engaged to Alli Wilkshire, the daughter of a powerful Governor. While investigating one of the biggest sex scandals the Presidential race has ever seen, Jack learns the ugly truth about thewoman he is set to marry.

But all is not lost for Jack…. The biggest fork in his road of life becomes his greatest gift - paved with love and happiness. The question is: Will he survive long enough to uncover it?

Haas tells me she wrote The Ranch: Secrets and Sins because she was looking for a creative outlet.

"These days I am anchoring more newscasts than going out and writing/reporting stories and I really missed writing," Haas told "So, I thought I'd try my hand at fiction. It's been so much fun and I have found it very rewarding!"

She says the inspiration came from a story she reported on the insurgence of eBooks and how people are becoming successful authors without the traditional publishing process.

"These authors are proving that with a recipe of creativity and determination you can find a very rewarding life and fulfilled career," Haas told me. "I had so much fun writing 'The Ranch,' I'm already working on a second book. This process has been very exciting and I hope that people will have as much fun reading the books as I do writing them!"

In fact Haas had such a good time writing, she says a second book is already in the works.

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