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Thursday, September 08, 2011

VIDEO: Anderson Coopers shows he's human; Dr Phil back in Houston

CNN's Anderson Cooper has his fans, but I've never understood why. To me, he seems pretty robotic on air = hardly showing any personality. But in his recent talk on YouTube to the Google crowd, Cooper shows he's human. Good thing, he has a new talk show premiering soon where personality is key.

Highlights of the video include his talk about not having a useful class at Yale, stalkers, how he got started in TV news, why he wears a black t-shirt and his favorite TV shows.

In Houston you can watch his new Anderson show on KUBE 57 starting September 12 at 3pm. Another premiere on the The KUBE is Dr. Phil (also starting 9/12 an hour later at 4pm). I don't think Dr. Phil has been on on Houston since KPRC 2 cancelled him a few years ago. (Thanks Kelly)

- Where is Dr. Phil on Houston TV?
- Will Dr. Phil return to Houston TV after 2011?

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