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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Houston teen says he will be the youngest film/tv producer of all time

Houston mega film/TV director/producer in the making Kevin Smith (yes another future one) is tenacious. He has to be. At age 14, this teen has some big goals to reach and a tall mountain to climb to get there.

Of course at that age, there are me. I get a press release from him saying how he owns a production company that is producing a teen talk show called Klownz Talk, and oh get this, NBC is interested in it. Naturally I brush him off and say when you get this NBC deal, let me know.

Does Smith give up? No. He points out to me that KTRK 13's Adela Uchida has already done a story on him (watch above). Since I trust Uchida's judgment, I say, "why not?" and give him a post.

Just watch, he will make it big one day and then brush me off.  Hey Kevin, remember me when you are big time!

Mike McGuff: What makes you interested in doing your TV/film projects?

Kevin Smith: The thing that interests me the most in Film/TV projects are the people around me, mostly my business partners, they give me then tools and guidance to succeed!

MM: Does your age get you more respect or less respect in the industry?

KS: Being 14 in this industry is one of the hardest things to manage. First some adults do take me seriously as I would like but it's something I see that I will have to most likely have to deal with.

MM: What do the other kids at school think?

KS: Even more kids my age say that I'm not going to be successful, but look at me now! And then we have kids my age that are all gain for what I'm doing with my life!

MM: What do you see yourself doing at age 30?

KS: At the age 30, I see myself with a larger company than what I have now and also would have produced more projects under my name!

MM: What is your ultimate goal?

KS: My ultimate goal is to by the next few months to years is to get a Grammy award or any awards that will describe myself as the Youngest Film/TV Producer of all times!

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