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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New KTRK 13 anchor: Adela Uchida

Here I work there and didn't even know that Adela Uchida of WILX (Channel 10) in Lansing, Michigan was headed to Houston to work at KTRK Channel 13 as a news anchor.

How did I find out?  Someone sent me an article from the Lansing State Journal.

But is she really working at KTRK?  LSJ reporter Mike Hughes doesn't believe so:

Uchida currently anchors at 6 p.m. with David Andrews and at 11 p.m. with Jason Colthorp. She'll have her last local broadcast on Sept. 5, leaving to anchor at KRTK-TV, the ABC-owned station in Houston. READ THE REST

See what I mean? Like I have room to point out errors. I've been writing this blog overnight for years when I should be sleeping. It's not like I'm following any grammatical rules or even logic.  I've heard you can hire a copy editor in India now.  Maybe I can just outsource this entire blog.  I'm not just talking copy editing...I mean writing too!

Here is Uchida's bio and station blog.

So welcome to Houston Adela.  Don't believe everyone in Michigan who tells you that all Houstonians ride horses, have oil pumps in our backyards and clear the streets of downtown for noon gun battles. Only half of that is true. 

(Image courtesy of WILX)
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