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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fox 26 KRIV promotes on prime time TV

Fox 26 KRIV is my new favorite Houston TV station. Why? They promote the heck out of my blog for free...even in prime time during FOX programming!

 Essentially I've become the Roger Ebert of Fox 26. I post something about the television station on my blog, then the station takes a quote from that post and uses it in a promo. Just like how a movie studio uses a film critic's quotes on movie posters.

 You never knew that this little free account blog really was the arbiter of taste and culture for Houston did you? Me neither. But I like it. In fact I am planning on sending the KRIV creative services director a cookie bouquet.

 The latest Fox 26 promo is one touting new Fox 26 anchor Don Teague:

The promo was taken from this post. I decided not to name the candidates because if I was applying for a job, I wouldn't want it all over a blog when I didn't get it. Although if I had named names, maybe KRIV would have put up a billboard on 59 and 610 with a quote from me on it!

 The previous Mike McGuff Fox 26 promo ran after last November's elections. That meant I got exposure for the blog on both Fox 26 and 39 KIAH since I was a freelance reporter there at the time. I found the timing amusing.


If I play my cards right, Fox 26 might hire me as a station spokesperson. Think back to the classic Ernest P. Worrell (RIP Jim Varney) KPRC 2 campaign from the 1980s.

 (Thanks Molly!)
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