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Sunday, August 21, 2011

AT&T launches Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth network microsites

I know there are a lot of Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth readers who have AT&T as a mobile carrier. Heck, even my wife has an iPhone now.

So I thought you might be interested in some news AT&T sent me about microsites it just launched in Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth that offer news on recent network enhancements. Basically there is a map of the metro areas that show new cell sites, broadband speed upgrades, capacity upgrades and network connection upgrades since the beginning of 2011.

For example, the company says in Houston it has:
- Built eight new cell sites, providing more bars in the area.
- Upgraded 20 cell sites, providing faster mobile broadband speeds.
- Added 256 carriers to increase spectrum on area cell sites, providing extra capacity to reduce dropped calls and improve service quality at busy times.
- Expanded 325 network connections with fiber lines at area cell sites, helping reduce dropped calls and enable 4G data speeds for compatible devices.

There is also a map that shows AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Yes, I know some will probably still complain about the company in my comments section - I'm just letting you know. You can also complain to @ATT_Houston now. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here