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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Is KHOU 11 getting a 4pm newscast?

Stations around the country are announcing plans for a post Oprah Winfrey world. Many stations have indicated they will put news in the former talk show host's slot. For example, I posted last Friday that KSAT 12 in San Antonio is doing just that.

So what about KHOU 11 in Houston? If the station has made a programming announcement for the 4pm hour, I have not heard about it yet.

My Here is why I think that and part of it has something to do with another Houston station actually.

I heard over the weekend that KTRK 13 has posted billboard around town featuring its 4pm news anchors. I do not remember a time where the channel 13 4pm newscast has ever been advertised that prominently.

This leads me to believe KTRK 13 has made a preemptive strike against KHOU 11 (if a 4pm show is in its future). KTRK probably figures if viewers think 4pm news, it will come into their minds first.

Next, KHOU 11 has posted a lot of jobs recently:

News: Meteorologist
News: Executive Producer
News: Assignment Desk Editor
News: Video Editor

It would make sense that the news department would want to add some new depth to its roster before launching a new full hour of news.

But, then there is a post I linked from Uncle Barky yesterday that says WFAA 8, KHOU's Belo sister station in Dallas, is not starting a new newscast to replace Oprah. Does that mean KHOU will follow the same plan?

Guess we will find out soon enough. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here