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Thursday, February 17, 2011

TV report is a real kick in the Harry Baals legacy as Fort Wayne mayor

Don Austin of NewsChannel 15 WANE-TV Fort Wayne, Indiana knows how to put together a TV news report has some real cojones. Take his political coverage full of story telling ornaments for example. He doesn't go for the low hanging fruit when it comes to story topics.

When covering the story of Fort Wayne's longest running mayor, Austin punches the politician's name...Harry Baals. Yes, Harry Baals (and Austin does not cheapen it by saying the name in its updated pronunciation that sounds like Bails). Austin treats the name like precious family jewels and says it the original way!

Here is a little extra nugget of information for you...Baals was the mayor of Fort Wayne in the 1930s and 40s. Baals' name was recently put on an online ballot to name a new government building. For some reason, Harry Baals is the front runner when Internet surfers are given the chance to vote. I thought Internet voters were pretty serious folks too.

Turns out, those wimpy officials in Fort Wayne don't have any, because they say even though Baals is tops with voters, that doesn't mean the building should be named after him. Talk about hitting below the belt! At least Baals family supports the idea. They know how important heirlooms are. No word if any of Baals descendants are twins.

I just thought of this, but Keith Olberman may want to rant on his new CurrentTV show about how the teabaggers support Baals.

Those readers of mine in the UK are probably thinking this story is total bollocks. I agree.

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