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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mike Barajas leaves Fox 26 KRIV?

Anchor Mike Barajas off Fox 26 KRIV website

UPDATE 1/18/2011
FOX: KRIV 26 anchor Mike Barajas is on vacation

The emails started coming in after midnight Saturday morning and went into the night. Sorry I am only posting this now, but I was busy watching my son and reporting on Texas gun owner fears after the Arizona shooting.

I am told by multiple sources connected with Fox 26 KRIV that main anchor Mike Barajas is no longer with the station. His last show was the Friday 9pm newscast. There was supposedly no mention about his departure on TV. Barajas announced his departure after the show to a surprised staff.

According to Barajas' online bio, he's been with FOX since 1986. He started out as the weekend anchor and was later promoted to anchoring the midday newscast. In 1992, he was promoted to the main newscast FOX 26 News at 9. Before KRIV, Barajas was a reporter for KPRC.

And as I have written before, KTRK 13 anchor Erik Barajas is Mike's nephew. Once again, Houston will only know what it is like to have one Barajas on TV news.

I have been told various reasons as to why he is leaving, including news about other possible talent departures coming up. Will try to sort it out with the Fox Broadcasting Monday. Stay tuned.

(Thanks to all that sent me this info and even complained I did not have it up Saturday...I know you care!)

UPDATE 1/18/2011
FOX: KRIV 26 anchor Mike Barajas is on vacation

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