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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What happened to Radar The Weather Dog from KPRC 2?

From 2004 to around 2007, KPRC 2 generated a lot of buzz with an on air talent who had a real nose for the weather. It was a canine  named Radar The Weather Dog. In fact the KPRC viewers voted for that name.

Like many segments in TV news, things come to an end and so did the Wheaten terrier mixed-breed's television appearances.

So what happened to Radar The Weather Dog?

According to the online bio of KPRC news director Rick McFarland, Radar went home with him:

Rick has a famous dog that many KPRC Local 2 viewers might recognize. That's right -- Rick adopted Radar the weather dog when his broadcast career ended.
"He is now a very well-behaved family dog. But, he still poses when he sees a camera," Rick said.

I barely remember posting this, but back in 2007 I blogged Radar was to become the face of the John C. Freeman Weather Museum. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here