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Monday, August 02, 2010

KIAH 39 Imaginator job: Help me apply for it

I posted about the KIAH 39 Imaginator job more than a week ago and have since been reposted in blogs and columns as far away as the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. After that people have suggested I should apply for the job. Clearly my television rebel status is still intact!

Why not? I will apply...but I need YOUR help.

The Imaginator job will oversee channel 39's  never before done newscast called NewsFix. This newscast will supposedly have no anchors or reporters.  As you can tell by the job description, this is not your normal executive producer gig. The position literally calls for someone:

"Who knows that most local TV News sucks and wants to do something about it."
"Can survive and prosper in a modern high brilliance standards rock n roll culture."

It just so happens that I am currently producing a rock n roll documentary on the former Rock 101 KLOL. Tribune Company's chief innovation officer Lee Abrams, who is overseeing NewsFix, is credited with creating the rock radio format. What a perfect fit then! I actually want to interview him for my documentary too.
Lone Star EMMY award
This is where YOU come in. This job is so undefined I figure I need YOUR thoughts for the cover letter. This type of participation has the buzz name "crowdsourcing" and some "hip" media people who want to be seen as "in the know" like to throw terms like this around (even if they don't know what it means..shhhh).

If Tribune/KIAH 39 calls me in for an interview, I will come to you again for the "wisdom of the crowd." This will all be covered in depth on my blog for transparency sake of course. Hell, if I am called in for an interview, I would like to bring my own camera to record it all and post here (I will shut off the off camera in top secret parts if asked to).

Here is my resume on LinkedIn (hopefully this site comes in more handy  than people asking me to join their network to beat their friends in connection numbers).

Go ahead and leave your ideas in the comments section (with your name or as anonymous). It's your chance to define the future of TV news and let those in charge hear your voice for once.

  If you participate like I'm asking, I will find the best suggestions and include them. Then I will share the cover letter here on my blog for your critique.

No more posts until I get some good ideas (and you will want to read about some of the things I learned about another Houston TV station). COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here