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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Houston radio reception problems last weekend?

Michael from The Woodlands, TX wrote to me asking this question about Houston radio station reception issues:

I frequent you blog and hoped you may have heard something on this. My wife and I both noticed our car radios were having reception difficulties [last Sunday] driving around The Woodlands. 106.9 is the only clear station. This continues [Monday], but was back to normal once I got to [I-45]. Any idea why this is happening?

I am not sure about this. The reason the 106.9 frequency was clear is most likely because the station's transmitter is located in Conroe, TX if I remember correctly. I also have read online and personally experienced some problems with 740 KTRH's signal this week.

Anyone know what is going on? Hopefully this is not related to something on one of Alex Jone's radio broadcasts.  You know, black helicopters or UN forces training in Willis, TX.

Commenter says it was probably from the solar storm.
Solar storm could hit GPS and satellite broadband COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here