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Thursday, May 06, 2010

KTRK 13 testing new traffic anchor?

Ken Hoffman at the Houston Chronicle knows his TV traffic talent. In his latest column, Hoffman mentions KPRC 2's Jennifer Reyna, KHOU 11's Katherine Whaley and KTRK 13's Don Nelson - then asks which one is different from the others. LOL:

Get the picture? This isn't to say that Nelson isn't attractive. He's a very handsome man, in a William Howard Taft sort of way. Obscure reference, I know.

So Channel 13 is reportedly screen-testing traffic reporters who are, let's say, more curvaceous than Nelson, who's been with the station for 30 years.

Nelson, probably the most versatile on-air personality in Houston, isn't going anywhere. Channel 13 is just looking to fight fire with fire when it comes to saying “there's a traffic jam on I-10 between Bingle and Wirt.” READ THE REST

Don Nelson is a reason many people watch Channel 13. He is very talented. And really I would say doing the traffic is a minor part of what he brings to the table. He and Tom Koch add the comedy to the morning show. Nelson also does other segments, hosts 30 minute and one hour shows and does feature oriented live shots. Heck he also hosted Good Morning Houston and Dialing for Dollars for many years. This guy is one talented, versatile work horse!

I always enjoyed getting to produce for Nelson the few times we got to work together. People ask me what he's like off camera.  He is the same only funnier in real life if you can imagine that.

Naturally one day he will retire. Everyone does it. Guess KTRK is just prepping for the obvious.

Also, shout out to Mr. Hoffman for mentioning my blog in today's column! Always appreciated. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here